5 Nigerian artists who have been accused of failing to appear at paid events

Nigerian artists who have been accused of failing to appear at paid events

The persistent problem of non-appearance remains a concern that haunts live music events in Nigeria. On numerous occasions, Nigerian musicians have faced criticism from both event organizers and fans due to their failure to fulfill their commitments by not showing up at paid events.

Whenever Nigerian artists fail to make appearances at paid events, they tend to attribute it to various factors, including logistical challenges, security concerns, or alleged breaches on the part of event promoters. Nevertheless, these explanations often do not alleviate the financial losses experienced by the promoters or soothe the disappointment of the fans.

Here are six Nigerian music stars who have faced accusations of non-appearance at paid events.

Certainly, let’s expand on the incidents involving these Nigerian music stars and their failures to appear at paid events:


In 2023, one of Nigeria’s most prominent music figures, Davido, found himself embroiled in a controversy surrounding his non-appearance at the “Warri Again” event. Despite receiving a substantial payment of $100,000, Davido failed to fulfill his commitment, leaving event organizer Amaju Pinnick furious. This incident escalated into a public spat between the multi-award-winning artist and the former NFF President, with Pinnick even threatening legal action against Davido, seeking 2.3 billion naira in damages.


Shallipopi, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, had a breakthrough year in 2023 with his chart-topping party anthems. His popularity soared, and he was eagerly anticipated to perform at Pulse Nigeria’s December 2023 Pulse Fiesta concert. Thousands of fans eagerly gathered for the event. However, to the profound disappointment of both organizers and attendees, Shallipopi abruptly canceled his appearance just days before the scheduled concert, causing heartbreak among his fervent fan base.


In December 2022, Ghanaian fans had high hopes of witnessing Nigerian megastar Wizkid’s headline concert in the sprawling 40,000-capacity Accra Stadium. The Grammy-winning artist had confirmed his attendance via a tweet just hours before the event. However, much to the dismay of the expectant crowd, Wizkid failed to make an appearance. He later cited security and production issues as the reasons for his absence and promised to announce a new date for the concert, attempting to make amends with his disappointed fans.

Kizz Daniel:

Kizz Daniel made headlines in 2022 when he became entangled in an unusual dispute with a concert promoter in Tanzania. The promoter reported Kizz Daniel to the police due to his failure to show up for a scheduled concert. The peculiar twist in this saga was the reason given for Kizz Daniel’s no-show: he allegedly refused to perform because he couldn’t access his jewelry. Kizz Daniel vigorously denied this claim, explaining that his luggage had not been delivered by the airline, which left him without access to his clothes.

Burna Boy:

In 2023, the renowned Nigerian artist Burna Boy caused quite a stir when he unexpectedly canceled a concert in the Netherlands, providing no prior explanation for his absence. Fans who had eagerly gathered at the 39,000-capacity GelreDome in Arnhem were left disheartened. Burna Boy later took to his Instagram page to apologize to his disappointed fans and announced the rescheduling of the show for June 23rd, 2023, with arrangements made to provide free transportation to those interested in attending. This incident served as a testament to the artist’s commitment to making amends and keeping his fans engaged.

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